Cost: $1,800

All Coordinating Packages are offered for a maximum of 200 wedding guests. For any guest level reaching above 200, the Coordinating Package Price will be revisited.

Trash removal from venue site is NOT included in any of the Coordinating Packages. Clean up can be quoted.

  • Bridal Party Procession List: Family will provide all names of those whom are to be included in the actual bridal party march down the aisle. The order of your processional and recessional will depend on the type of wedding ceremony you’re having.

  • 1 hour Site Rehearsal Time: An Ido Coordinator will be onsite to direct the wedding rehearsal and allow the bridal party to become familiar with the overall ceremony procedures. All individuals will learn any special roles assigned to them. The coordinator will also identify and work out any kinks in the ceremony plan. (Any delay on site of 20 or more minutes of the rehearsal time will incur an additional fee of $25.00 per 20 minutes.) Start time of rehearsal is confirmed by the bride and groom and is not changed the day of rehearsal.

  • Scheduled Day of Events Timeline: The bride and groom will provide to the directors a list of all vendors and any specialty persons involved in handling of day of events. Upon request, a list of local vendors and vendor recommendations will be provided, but client is responsible for booking vendors. An Ido Coordinator will be responsible for contacting and/or emailing the said vendors to insure all involved are on board with the wedding date and time. The scheduled time frames for these activities for the day will be made by an Ido Coordinator to help insure a smooth flow of all events and keep a tight schedule.

  • 5 Hour Day of Ceremony Coordinating: An Ido Coordinator will be provided on site, beginning one hour prior to ceremony start time and lasting up to the three-hour later time frame. Ceremony start time is confirmed by the bride and groom and is not changed the day of ceremony. An Ido Coordinator will assist in pinning of boutonnieres, passing out bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and taking care of any specialty items for ring bearers, flower girls, or sign bearers. An Ido Coordinator will assist the bride and groom during the reception up until the 5-hour time frame is reached.

  • Announcing of Bridal Party Procession: An Ido Coordinator will coordinate with the Band or DJ the bridal party procession list and order of announcing each member to the wedding guests. An Ido Coordinator will oversee getting full bridal party procession members in accordance to list provided with Band or DJ.

  • Cutting of the Cake and Toast: After Bride and Groom cut their 1st piece of cake for photo opportunities, feed one another and complete champagne toast (if to be included as part of the ceremony), and Ido Wedding Coordinator will step in and continue cutting cake for all guests. An Ido Wedding Coordinator will also serve slices with plate/napkin/cutlery; serve top layer to be boxed and place for safe transport for Bride and Groom. An Ido Wedding Coordinator will be responsible for all necessary family items used during cake-cutting-ceremony and the items return.

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